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Award winning mental health radio, Take It From Us broadcasts every Tuesday at 12.30pm on PlanetFM104.6 and is funded by Framework Trust. Take It From Us has changed its focus recently: empowering mental health is our theme and we are emphasizing hope, recovery, positivity, and therapies such as mindfulness and meditation.

For more than two decades, this mental health show – the longest running radio in New Zealand to delve into “psych stuff” – nails the key issues in mental health, and identifies ambassadors for hope and recovery. A key priority is to drive home just how damaging people’s judgments and prejudices can be. That’s called discrimination, and it’s the biggest barrier to people getting better…seeking housing…finding work…gaining independence, being included in their communities… and getting well and staying well. Hosted by mental health advocate and broadcaster Sheldon Brown, shows are available here on framework.org.nz/take-it-from-us or can be accessed live on PlanetFM104.6, via live streaming on www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus, or can be downloaded from planetaudio.org.nz. The four most recent shows are available too on the planetaudio website, as are specially selected broadcasts in the archive.


Latest Shows from Take It From Us Radio

Tough Talk's Sam O'Sullivan is living out of his van as he travels New Zealand to discover men prepared to open up to their vulnerabilities and feelings. In this broadcast, Sam says he is discovering a new wave of men happy to disclose vulnerabilies and talk about ways to enhance their wellness, and begin to flourish, He's talked to hunters, outdoors blokes, the cafe gatherers, and dozens of others and is producing video clips posted to Toughtalk.nz Check out our interview and Sam's web resources too. Here's the link. https://www.facebook.com/toughtalknz/

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Sheree Veysey of Mind & Body Consultants, who has faced her own mental health struggles from the age of 14, explains how Conversations for Change can support youth to disclose mental and emotional vulnerabilities, and how to foster conversations that encourage young people to reach for help and support each other. Check out rethink.org.nz/conversationsforchange on the web too.


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Liv Young and a colleague are sharing a project she’s been working on this year called MENTAL - a publication centred around real stories of New Zealand individuals and their personal experiences with mental health. In this broadcast, Liv outlines her personal mental health experiences which set her on a path to produce a publication to shares other's stories and help and support.

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