Success Stories

Lanu (not his real name) is a Samoan man in his fifties. He was referred to Mental Health Employment Service in March 2014.

Lanu’s barriers included moderate depression, in part resulting from the devastation he experienced when his teenage son passed away after an illness several years ago. In addition he had a family of 6 children to support which added to his already high stress levels. Other challenges were in developing his English communication skills including literacy and IT skills. Lanu had worked as a flooring labourer for some years after immigrating to New Zealand.

Matthew (not his real name) had had extensive experience in the hospitality industry particularly bartending. After a brief bout of being unwell Matthew lost his confidence and motivation. As his employment consultant it was my role to not only to support him in seeking employment but also to build up his confidence. After several months Matthew gained significant confidence and consequently motivation. Throughout this time we were actively seeking employment, cold calling and completing online applications. Our cold calling efforts were rewarded with Matthew being interviewed on the spot in a restaurant. He was given a work trial that turned into permanent part time work.

Vince (not his real name) a 30 year old Korean who has lived in New Zealand for 18 years. He finished 12th form in a local secondary school and attended some tertiary papers in Language Studies but found it difficult to continue. His only work experience was through the high school work experience programme for 20 hours when he worked as a trolley person for Foodtown (now Countdown).