Job Search

The process of job search will cover areas specifically identified as a need for each individual

Potential areas for development could include:

  • Identity : Confidence building through:
    • Identifying personal strengths
    • Identifying talents and skills Identifying personal values
    • Wellness planning
    • Obtaining suitable ID (e.g. Passport, Driver licence or Over 18 card etc)
  • Career Planning : Defining a career pathway
    • Undertake career quest
    • Generate a list of possible job options
    • Identify training needs or relevant courses
    • Identify support resources
    • Wellness planning
  • Skill Development : Develop job readiness skills
    • Develop CV
    • Use internet and e-mail for job seeking
    • Confidence during interviews
    • Personal presentation for job seeking
    • Problem Solving
    • Wellness planning
    • Written Communication skills
    • Verbal Communication (including telephone)
  • Employment : Job search activities
    • Employer engagement
    • Applying for jobs via internet, face to face, ads in newspapers
    • Preparation for interviews
    • Interview support
    • Understanding offer of employment and contract
    • Support plan established in collaboration with employer where appropriate