Intensive Support Services - a journey to independence

Intensive Support Services (ISS) was founded by Framework in 2001 in response to a Ministry of Health review, which identified the need for a ‘vocational service’ to cater for high & complex need clients with intellectual disability and / or a mental health diagnoses.

The Intellectual Disability, Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation Act, (IDCC&R) came into effect in 2003, and the National Intellectual Disability Care Agency (NIDCA) was established to implement and monitor the Act.

Today ISS provides a life skills and day service specifically tailored to the individual needs of each client, combining client-centred goals with behavioral interventions. We work in partnership with residential services to provide an all encompassing array of supportive services to facilitate the client on their pathway to rehabilitation.

Clients are currently referred to ISS by NIDCA, where in conjunction with residential  services and the client,  a plan is formulated on how best to support clients achieve their goals. Current programmes offered by ISS include cooking, transportation skills, art, social skills, culture, drama and dance, recreational based learning, work placement and voluntary work, and support to access tertiary education

The long term goal of ISS is for each client to develop a positive sense of identity combining self confidence and independent living skills along with marketable work skills in order for clients to lead a purposeful and rich life within the community. ISS is located in Auckland with premises in Otahuhu (South Auckland) and Henderson (West Auckland).

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." - James Baldwin


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