Individualised Support

The Personal Focus, Community Participation service offers customised one on one support for people who want to overcome barriers to education, employment and/or participation in the wider community

Our model of facilitation is adapted from the Enabling Good Lives principles

  • Self-determination - participants are in control of their lives.
  • Person-centred - participants have supports that are tailored to their individual needs and goals.
  • Ordinary life outcomes - participants are supported to live an everyday life in everyday places; and are regarded as citizens with opportunities for learning, employment, having a home and family, and social participation
  • Mainstream first - participants are supported to access mainstream services before specialist Mental Health services.
  • Mana enhancing - the abilities and contributions of participants and their families are recognised and respected.
  • Easy to use - support is easily accessible and flexible.
  • Relationship building - supports, builds and strengthens relationships between participants, their whānau and community. 

Individual goal plans are developed in partnership with a Facilitator.

The focus of the work undertaken is:

  • Participation and inclusion in the participants wider community. Participants will explore options to support greater involvement in their community. This may include joining social activities, sports/recreation, interest groups etc.
  • Further Education /Training. Participants explore and connect with training or study options based on career planning. This may include tertiary study or short courses/workshops.
  • Confidence Building for work. Participants develop skills to enhance their confidence to *prepare for job seeking. This may include support into volunteer work.

The service is available to mental health consumers between the ages of 16 - 65 years.

*Personal Focus does not support people into employment. However, when participants express a desire to find employment they may choose to be referred to Workfocus - Framework’s employment support service.