How to Apply

1. Submitting an application

Once you have decided on the role(s) you would like to apply for, you will need to follow the instructions on how to apply. You can send your application to Human Resources either via email or hard copy.

Your application should consist of;

1. A cover letter
2. An up to date CV
3. A completed application form

We suggest that you have a good read through the advert(s) and Job Description(s) of the role(s) you want to apply for prior to sending in your application to ensure you have a good understanding of the job.

The online application form asks you to provide your contact details, the roles you are interested in, your eligibility information and some other questions relevant to the role.

Please take the time to answer the questions and complete your application in full as these are the applications most likely to be successful. Once you have sent your application, we'll respond and let you know we have received it.

2. Processing your application

In most cases we will not look at your application until after the advert has closed. This is so that all applicants have an equal chance of being considered for the role.

Our recruitment panel reviews all applications and makes a shortlist. We consider your application, determine whether or not you have sent all of the correct paperwork and whether you are the right fit for the position you have applied for.

At this stage you may be shortlisted for the position. If we have a lot of great applicants, you may be contacted by our Human Resources team to talk further before we make our shortlisting decisions.

If the role is not quite the right fit for you, we will contact you via email to let you know.

3. Interview

If you were contacted for a phone conversation and were successful you will be contacted to attend a face to face interview.

Following the agreement of a date and time for the interview, you will always receive written confirmation which will detail where your interview is to be held, what the parking situation is like, who will interview you and what you will need to bring with you.

You will always be asked to bring your drivers licence, a passport or birth certificate and certificates from your qualification(s). This is so that we can verify that you hold a full New Zealand drivers licence, that you are eligible to work in New Zealand and to verify your qualification(s) for pay purposes.

There are usually three (friendly!) people on the panel, including a Human Resources representative and the Senior and/or Team Leader of the service.

An interview can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Make sure you are prepared; this will mean that you enter the interview confident and ready to answer all questions we have for you.

Once your interview is complete, the Human Resources team will let you know the timeframe in which they will be back in contact with you to let you know the outcome of your application.

If you are unsuccessful following your interview, we will contact you via email to let you know. The email may or may not offer any comments on your interview, please feel free to get in touch with us should you want some feedback on your application.

For some roles a presentation may be required. Don't worry, we'll let you know prior to the interview if we need you to complete any extra steps.

If you have not been successful in your application this doesn’t necessary mean you won’t be a fit for other roles that we have available!

4. Pre-Employment Checks

This means your interview was a success! This is the part where we have narrowed things down to one or two candidates for the role and we need to discuss your employment history with a present and/or past manager.

This process helps us get an understanding of your experience in previous roles. We always look to complete two reference checks and will always ask your permission before we contact any referee you've given us.

After this stage if you are unsuccessful we will contact you either via phone or email. The email may or may not offer any comments on your interview, please feel free to get in touch with us should you want some feedback on your application.

Again this doesn’t mean you won’t be a great candidate for other roles we have available so ensure you check our current vacancies page for vacant roles!

5. Offer

Congratulations! If you are our preferred candidate(s), a member from the Human Resources team will confirm this on the phone and talk about a start date for your training and/or induction. We will then email you your contract and orientation information.

If you accept (which we hope you do) your details will be processed by our Human Resources, IT and payroll teams so we can ensure you are all set up and ready to go on your first day!

Due to the nature of our business and our contract requirements, all potential and current employees are required to provide information on past and current New Zealand and/or Australian convictions to ensure client and employee safety is maintained and reviewed at all times. Any record of criminal convictions will not be released if the applicant meets the ligibility criteria stipulated in Section 7 of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004, unless:

a. Section 19(3) of the Clean Slate Act applies to this request (exceptions to the clean slate regime)
b. Section 31(3) of the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014 applies to this request (safety checks of core children’s workers).

Please see for further guidance.

Should an employee misrepresent their criminal history or driving licence at any stage of the employment process (i.e. FSL Application form, interview, induction or thereafter), and/or in the event an adverse criminal vetting record is received, FSL may, after consultation with the employee and careful consideration of the facts, terminate the employment agreement without notice.