In 1984 Framework Trust was a start-up charity operating out of one house in Kingsland, central Auckland. Over time it had grown to become one of New Zealand’s most prominent and successful mental health and intellectual disability providers.

In 2013, the organisation identified that the Framework Trust’s business had becoming increasing complex and challenging requiring a different business configuration.

That came to fruition on July 2014, when the mental health and intellectual disabilities businesses were transferred to Framework Services Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of Framework Trust. Framework Services Limited is now accountable for the delivery of services, outcomes and reporting.

Framework Trust has remained a charitable trust maintaining the ownership of its properties, and is registered with the Charities Commission, registration number CC26988.

Framework Trust charitable focus is now:

  • Provision of mental health friendly accommodation

  • Providing charitable grants

  • Supporting Framework Services Limited and its mental health and intellectual disabilities services

  • Supporting mental health sector initiatives

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